Splitsvilla is a very nice place where one can make their connections. The tasks in Splitsvilla are very interesting but the most interesting is the way how the contestants fight among each other to become the winner. Each season is unique in its own way. Though this show might have got some low ratings by criticizing, I personally recommend each and every one to watch Splitsvilla. You can start watching from season 10, which is the latest instead from season 1. You can go from latest from earliest, which is what I am doing.

I have already finished season 8 which was too good!. I just hope by my post you change your minds about how this show is and start watching it. I know some people do not like the hosts of which one of them is Sunny Leone. She is a very good person at heart. You can actually get to know this through this show.

Though you might feel she is a PORNSTAR, so what if she is one? At least she is a very honest person. You must never insult anyone based on their profession. hen you watch any season in which she is there in, your ideas of she was in your head just disappear and you realize the truth about her.

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