The Episode starts with Abhishek falling down before the car. The man driving the car picks Tanuja’s call and says he will drop him home. Tanuja sends the address and informs Maasi and Myra. AK is brought by the men. Maasi stops Tanuja and takes AK. Doctor comes and checks AK and goes.

Maasi scolds Tanuja for betraying her and says if anything happens to AK then she will not leave him. Myra tries to stop her. Maasi asks Tanuja to go and see her condition. Rishi comes to Kanchal’s house. Kanchal says you shall visit here often and taunts him. She tells that she took Netra to change her mood to restaurant and drunk AK was there and told people that Tanuja left him and Rishi left Netra. Netra says she wants to talk to Rishi. Rishi tells her that she didn’t remember that one of the paper in the divorce papers was not signed by me, and tells that he was not divorced. He says he will not marry her and goes. Netra thinks what will happen to Tania and me.

Tanuja thinks she will not leave AK and can’t steal his happiness and Natasha from here. She decides to stay with AK.

Next morning, AK wakes up. Tanuja tries to give him water, but AK refuses and tells that he don’t snatch others stuff. He says Rishi told everyone that Natasha is his daughter and yesterday he told that you are his wife. He says I can’t see you from that love sight and friendship sight. Tanuja asks what do you mean? AK says I know what I shall and you shall do. Tanuja asks what? AK says I shall free you and you shall go to Rishi. Tanuja is silent. AK says I got my answer.

AK is going to office. Maasi asks Tanuja if she gave him medicine. AK says Tanuja don’t forget anything and do all the things on time. We will miss her when she goes. He says I have to complete all the work before going to London and tells Maasi that they are going. He calls Natasha and asks if she woke up. Tanuja says I will bring her. AK says I can’t meet her, what shall I say, bye princess, good morning princess etc. Maasi is upset. Myra asks Tanuja not to feel bad. Tanuja says she will get her ready for private tuition. She checks her in the house, but she is not in the house. Myra checks in the guest room. Maasi, Myra and Tanuja search her. Servant says she is not on terrace.

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