Ishqbaaz 2

Shivaye asks Anika to have medicines, she will feel better. She asks are these sleeping pills or to cure madness. Veer says Shivaye really thinks Anika is getting mad, its time for plan 2. Anika hears the bells and shouts Shivaye. Some time before, Shivaye comes to Anika. Shivaye asks Anika to have medicines, she will feel better. She asks are these sleeping pills or to cure madness, I didn’t know there is a medicine to cure madness too, I know everything, just tell me, when and where you are sending me. He asks did you go mad. She says I m really mad, I knew you think I m mad, I m crying when I got to hear this from you, I don’t want to disturb you much, how much will you tolerate, you are doing right, send me to a mental hospital, tell me when and where to go. He asks what are you saying. She says I heard you told Veer that I m getting mad, you are not telling me as you are very good, just send me to an asylum. He says I said that, but I didn’t mean… She says don’t explain, I also feel the same, I hear cycle bells, no one else hears the bell sound, just I see the fire in water and that woman stuck on the wall, no one else sees that, it means I m going mad. He shouts. He thinks I can’t explain you, I feel someone is watching us, I don’t want him to know our plan. He asks her to sleep. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays…. She cries. He rests to sleep and cries.

Veer says two lovers are going to be separated. He sees Shweta and plays with the ball. She comes to him and says sorry uncle, this won’t happen again. He says I know, because if this happens, you will become an orphan, go and play. He gives her the ball. She goes. Monali and Komal look on. Veer says our plan failed but our work is done, Shivaye really feels Anika is getting mad, very soon he will leave her for me, its time for plan 2. He smiles.

Anika recalls the woman. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. She gets up and says this can’t be my delusion, there is something, its connected to cycle door. She takes the keys and goes. Veer says I knew it, Anika will go in that room, I wanted this to happen so I gave the room keys to Shivaye, you know what to do now. Komal looks on. Veer smiles seeing Anika.

Anika gets inside the room. She gets shocked seeing so many cycle bells hanging and ringing. She shuts ears and shouts Shivaye. Shivaye wakes up and runs out. Anika leaves from the room and says Shivaye, there are many bells hanging, its ringing all together, you see it. She takes him in and doesn’t find any bell. She says there were lot of bells hanging here, there were ringing loud, someone would have hidden it, you trust me right, I m not lying, I m not crazy. He asks her to listen to him. She asks him to say. He says come with me. She says we will find the bells, there were many bells. He takes her. She says I have really gone crazy, I can see things, don’t say anything Shivaye, do one thing, tell me will you do it. He says I can do anything for you. She says then let me go, call them and ask them to come here. He asks who. She says call the mental hospital. He asks what are you saying. She says fine, I will call them. He thinks I m not able to give her assurance, so she is feeling she is getting mad, I have to tell her, but how. He throws the phone and says I told you, we will talk in morning, don’t cry, come and sleep.

Its morning, Anika sees Shivaye. He wakes up and greets her. He says you have forgotten the resolution on second day of the new year, you remember what we do on the first day, we do it all year. She kisses him. He thinks I thought Anika won’t talk to me, thank God she is not much annoyed, I can tell her the real problem. She says don’t worry about me, I m fine, I mean I have accepted this truth that I m not normal, I decided to get admitted in a mental hospital today. He thinks how to tell you, you are absolutely fine, I m not able to say this because of cameras. He says we will go out in lawn and discuss this. She says we will discuss the same thing, there’s nothing to talk about, both of us know that I m not mentally fine, you are really good, you won’t send me to mental hospital, so I will go myself. He asks how can you decide this, we will work this out. She says no, get ready, I will make breakfast for you. He says I don’t want to have it. She asks won’t you let me do this, I know I don’t cook well, but just last time, please. She goes. He thinks I have to tell her nothing is wrong with her, I can text her. He gets phone and thinks why did I break her phone, I have to find some other way.

Gauri says I m bahu of this house, today is going to be a test for me and I can’t fail in this test. Tia says try hard to become a good bahu, I will make you out of here. Gauri says I can wield a sword for my family. Tia says no one can stop your family from getting ruined. Gauri applies sindoor and says I will have to respect everything that my husband said. Tia blows off ashes and says there won’t be any husband or wife, there won’t be any love, I will burn everything to ashes. She keeps a water pot.

Shivaye thinks I can type on my phone and make Anika read the test. Veer thinks what is he typing on the phone. Shivaye greets Anika and tries to show the phone, while talking. He thinks she is not looking towards the phone. Veer says she is very annoyed, she is not even looking at him. Shivaye takes vegetables. Veer says what is he doing with vegs. Shivaye writes danger. Anika asks him to go and get ready. He thinks there must be some reason behind this, try to understand. He coughs and signs her to see. Anika sees it and says I understood. She adds vegs. He asks what are you doing. She says you wanted me to add these vegs in the egg, you could have told me directly. He asks have you gone mad. She gets sad. She says are you asking me or telling me, I know I m mad. He says I didn’t mean that. Veer says I should enjoy this sight. Shivaye asks shall I make puri now. She asks why. He says so that I can eat puri with bhujji. She says fine, sit, I will fry the puri quickly. He says no, I don’t want burnt ones, go and sit, I will do it. He thinks to put his message in the puri, Anika will get the message when she eats the puri. He writes the message and puts the paper in the puri.

Anika finds Shivaye’s clothes spread on the ground. She picks the clothes and reaches the cupboard. Someone pulls her inside.

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